Access the PEPPOL network with Justransform

Private businesses and public organisations can connect to Peppol with Justransform for fast, secure, borderless trade.

Peppol Service Provider and more

Justransform is accredited and approved by Authorities for transactions in all Peppol regions. Justransform customers are able to communicate with suppliers and customers via the eDelivery Network, convert documents to Peppol’s format, and exchange standardised business documents with trading partners.

Seamless Updates
We keep track of the latest requirements and take timely action so you can focus on your business
Format conversion
Justransform handles a large variety of formats so that you only need to handle one format – your own
Local compliance
Your transactions will always fulfil archiving, timestamping, tax reporting and VAT requirements
Global reach
Our interoperability agreements let you reach beyond Peppol and connect to other networks

What is Peppol?

It is a common framework which offers e-document message standards and a communication network. The overall objective is to enable businesses to communicate electronically with all their counterparts in the procurement process, locally and worldwide, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
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