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Kick the tires and get productive immediately using our Best-of-Breed tools

EDI Productivity Tools Including:
EDI Standards Viewer
EDI SmartPad
Map Specification Builder
EDI Runtime Platform Including:
Runtime for <25 Transactions per month
One Environment
95% Uptime SLA

Starting at $99per month

Perfect for integrating data between a small number of apps and/or trading partners.

Everything in Free Plan
One Serial Processing Thread
2 Connections to Applications or TPs
Runtime for <5,000 transactions per month
Advanced security - Additional Fee
Enterprise connection - Additional Fee

Starting at $1,250per month

Perfect plan for mid to large Enterprises with large volume requirements.

Everything in Free Plan
25 Concurrent Processing Threads
One or more Enterprise Applications
Unlimited Connections to Application, Database or Trading Partners
Runtime for <100,000 transactions
Advanced Security - Additional Fee

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Perfect for large Enterprises with high volumes and complex integration needs.

Everything in Free Plan
100 Concurrent Processing Threads
One or more Enterprise Applications
Unlimited Connections to Application, Database or Trading Partners
Runtime for Unlimited transactions
Advanced Security - Additional Fee

ONE Platform, for all your needs.

  • Multiple Environments Dev, UAT, Prod – (Not available in Free Version)
  • Browser Based Drag and Drop Graphical Mapper
  • Connect to Trading Partner, On-Premises and Cloud Apps , Data Sources
  • Rich Payload Support
  • Rich Protocol Support
  • Advanced Orchestration Engine/Visual Designer
  • Lookup tables
  • Network Transaction Console
  • Dynamic Report Generation
  • Exception Handling/Notifications
  • User Management
  • Version Control
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Data Security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Test Manager
  • Global Repository
  • Service Orchestration
  • Complex request/response real-time integration
  • Authentication
  • Unlimited Integration Interfaces
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Request Manager
  • Incident Manager
  • EDI Data Translation (including technical and business validations)
  • EDI Connectivity
  • Acknowledgement Generation and Reconciliation
  • EDI Specification Builder
  • EDI SmartPad
  • EDI Dashboard
  • Smart Ramp Community Enablement
  • Trading Network Change Management (EDI/B2B Managed Services) – Service Add-on
  • Intelligent Form Builder
  • Zero Code Form Maintenance
  • User Defined Workflows
  • Exception Handling/Notifications
  • Data Normalization
  • Standard Support
  • Premium Support
  • EDI/B2B Managed Services – Service Add-On
  • Advanced Security – Encryption at Rest for all data supported in solution
  • Enterprise Connection – Core Enterprise Application (eg. ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM, HCM) that requires connectivity integration to one or more application or trading partner
  • EDI/B2B Managed Support Services – The outsourcing of portions or all EDI services to Justransform. May include program initiation, onboarding, mapping, integration and support services
  • Single Sign On – Support client SSO solution into Justransform Integration Solution layer
  • Dedicated Compute – Provisioning of additional dedicated parallel computing threads to support business needs
What does Justransform offer?
We offer one of the most complete feature rich data integration platform in the market. Using our array of modules, you can launch, execute and manage end-to-end aspect of any data integration program without requiring any external tools or technologies.
Is there any software or hardware required?
All major browsers are supported by our platform.
Is my Data Safe?
Our entire solution is hosted in a highly secure network hosted on Oracle and AWS cloud. Security is our top priority and we have ensured that every communication is done over a secure encrypted layer.
I'm interested in non B2B modules, can I still use the platform?
The simple answer is Yes. Our platform follows a layered architecture where each layer is completely independent of other. They talk to each other via a secure REST API or common data structure. At some point if your business requires an electronic data feed to/from any external entity you can simply utilize the B2B layer for the same.
Why is your pricing so easy?
Unlike our competitors, many of who have hundreds of SKUs and Fees and additional complex business rules that make budgeting near impossible, Justransform offers a simple SKU pricing structure that is not only easy to license, but easy to budget for.