EDI Platform

Built Ground Up as a Modern Cloud Solution, Justransform provides the Best-of-Breed EDI Solutions for Partner Enablement and Integration without hosting any software or infrastructure.

Integrate EDI Standard transactions to Any Business Application Guaranteed

Introducing the Only EDI Platform Your Business Will Ever Need

Justransform provides a Complete EDI and Partner Integration Solution for businesses of all sizes that provides a single platform in the cloud to design, map, connect, onboard, test, and run your EDI integration via self service (tenant and trading partner), via Systems Integrator, or via Justransform Professional/Managed Service. This provides the ultimate flexibility of choice for your business.

EDI Mapper – Data Transformation

Map Any EDI standard transaction to any data format with a Drag and Drop Visual Map Designer. Over 22,800 standard transaction versions are supported.

Connectivity and Protocol Mediation

Easily Configure Protocol connections in minutes using a rich protocol support of major formats including AS2, AS4, JDBC, sftp, SMTP, SOAP, VAN, MGTT, and many others.

EDI Standards and Specification Builder

Productivity tool for EDI. Access Up to 22,800 standard transaction versions with support for X12, EDIFACT, HL7, CARGO, EANCOM, EDIGAS, HIPAA, IATA, TRADACOMS, among others.

EDI Smartpad

Simply drop an EDI file and convert into alternative data structures. Validate files against EDI standards or a custom specification file, receiving highlighted specific segment and element errors with description.

SmartRamp – Onboarding Management

Launch a unique Onboarding workflow. Consolidate onboarding activities in one platform and out of spreadsheets, emails, and other data sources. Create realtime visibility with onboarding tasks, activities and milestones.


Very every EDI transaction that is consumed by the platform in real time. Query by transaction type and all values in envelope records. Instantly view data in HTML, XML, Validation and Form Formats. Quickly export reports.

Network Console – Event Dashboard

View every transaction through the platform in real time. Each transaction displays events with the ability to view and download data during each step. Index up to 5 business identifies and create unique search filters.

Advanced Validation, Orchestration, and Exception Handling

Perform complex business and technical validations, complex orchestrations such as merge, split, multicast. Launch automated and human based workflows. Create exception notifications based on business and technical exceptions.

EDI/B2B Managed Services

Receive a fully managed EDI/B2B service utilizing Justransform’s experienced EDI team specializing in Connectivity, Onboarding, Support, Program Management, Solution Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, Map Design, Process Management and Operations.

Extend Integration Capabilities

With Justransform, the possibilities are endless with extended integration capabilities

RAW Data Integration

Integrate application data and trading partners that support for RAW data like csv, Excel, Images, PDF, email, CAD, Barcodes, etc…Parse RAW data and normalize to back end process

API Integration

Integrate backend application services, trading partner, and 3rd party services that expose integration interfaces via API’s. Parse API data and normalize to partner or back end processes

Web Forms

Within minutes build and begin to integrate application data to trading partners via WebForms to automate and extend business process workflow to trading partners

Mobile EDI

Integrate application data to trading partner via Mobile to automate and extend business process workflow to trading partners that would prefer to interface via a mobile interface


Integrate with your customers e-Procurement solution to automate the business process and improve customer satisfaction while reducing cost.

Enterprise Dashboards

Connect to any data source and get real time views of business performance via a single browser-based Enterprise Dashboard; export data instantly to a variety of formats.