To get right data at the right time

Enterprises are rapidly moving towards real-time operations and require real-time access to data from extended business operating systems. In a constantly evolving solution landscape the data tends to be scattered across different applications and solutions. Today a typical Digital Enterprise requires a unified view across their entire data set.

Some of the common use cases

  • A manufacturing business not only requires a real-time data feed from
    • core/tail end suppliers, buyers, logistics provider.
    • a cloud based solution, data storage, social media, individual responding via email, chat or text.
  • A big data solution provider requires data from all of their customer data sources.
  • A logistics solution provider requires real-time access to their customer logistic system.
  • A global supplier requires a real-time connection to their customer as well as the 3rd Party logistics provider.
  • A distributor requires a real-time data feed with their OEM, retailers and end customers.

The key take away is that data is all over the place and irrespective of the size of your organization your data needs to get delivered to the right place at the right time in the right format.

The current solution to address this requirement requires integration of multiple technologies, solutions, standards and process.

Justransform platform enables you to have a single data integration strategy rather than having an amalgamation of multiple vendor technologies


A single platform for end-to-end data integration, management and analysis

Single platform for all

Launch, Develop, Execute, Manage, Analyze

Our platform enables you to receive and send data from any source. Enables you to create a unified view of data across multiple sources. Publish a unified view of data across multiple sources and make instant changes.

Common Use Cases

Mass Trading Partner Onboarding

Onboard Small to Mid-Size Trading Partner in Hours

Convert Email, mobile messaging into 1st class B2B channel. Allow your SMB (Small and Mid-Size Trading Partners) to send their non-structured data like excel, pdf, OCR as a simple email attachment. You can still receive these in a standard unified format. Allow them to make changes into their data as and when needed without breaking or having any impact on existing solution. The entire network status can be tracked via a simple unified dashboard.

Collaborative Online Data Mapping

Online Mapper: Multi source, Multi Destination

In any traditional data integration solution the data mapping creation and maintenance has mostly been one of the longest pole in the tent. Its usually done by acquiring and integrating a specialized mapping tool, hiring a tool expert and the actual development is done by an specialized individual in an offline desktop based environment. Our all new JTMapper, is an online collaborative any-to-any mapper which works entirely in your browser and requires no desktop studio or software install. It supports almost every EDI, XML, Flat file-based transformation. The transformation process is as simple drag and drop. Create new map, make changes on the fly without an expensive IT project.

Onboard Carriers over Oracle OTM in Days

Empower business owner to onboard carriers.

Out of box direct connection to your Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Independent of install type we can connect, send and receive Tender Offer, Tender Response, Shipment Status, Invoices into native gLog format. These data can be published across your entire carrier network in EDI, CSV, Excel or their native XML or flat file format. Enable business users to manage and enhance their network.

Cloud, Big Data, B2B Unification

Data Unification across multiple sources

Feed data to your Big Data solution by pulling data from a hybrid of in-house and cloud systems. Our online mapper can map multiple input sources into a common unified target for you to process. The maps can be developed into a collaborative environment so the entire team from customers to developers will have the same view of the transformation rules.

Spreadsheet as a platform

WebApp, Analytic and data input form

Justransform spreadsheet as a platform create a sleek dynamic web application instantly using our data and view model. Upload your existing excel workbook and convert it into a powerful collaborative webapp. Use it as a complete project management application. Launch any lightweight business process like Forecast Collaboration, Inventory Management in days. Use your existing Excel skills to define exceptions and Visualization.

Business Project Management

Spreadsheet based Gantt Chart, User Task Management

Launch and manage projects using our Spreadsheet based project management template. Convert any spreadsheet into a project management template using our user column type. Visualize tasks and dependencies using our Gantt Chart view. With integrated outlook calendar the process will fit seamlessly into your existing task tracking process.

Customer, Supplier or Carrier Portals

Trading Partner Relationship Management

Create and Launch your Trading Partner Community based portals within days. Publish requirements, conduct surveys, launch business process, perform instant change management. Engage in instant communication with your TPs to ensure a clear and single version of communication across your community.

Mobile ready Universal Inbox

Single inbox for all your messages, tasks, alerts or exceptions

Justransform integrated messaging layer ensures that you are always on top of your actions and activities. Mobile ready universal inbox is your single view of every traceable activity across your entire program. The single inbox can not only give you access to all of your Tasks, Issues, Alerts but it can also consolidate all of your business messages across your transactional data, portals or webapps.

Self Service Support and Change Management

Instant Change Management across your entire program

Justransform's fully searchable audit trails of every resource and activity in the platform can help you retrieve any historical data within seconds. Our online editors enables you to perform an change management in no time

Frequently Asked Questions

Founded in 2011, Justransform is a bay area based software development company, focusing entirely into data integration technologies. It’s a US based company with headquarter in Cupertino, CA.

In order to understand on why we started, lets take an account of the issues faced by any data integration project. When two enterprises are trying to digitally integrate their process, the data integration requirement comes late in the game. A simple business requirement tends to become a expensive and huge IT project. Also it becomes an internal integration nightmare with whole mix of technologies to manage. A typical high-level footprint would be,

  • An IT project management tool
  • A task, issues, requirement discussion and communication platform
  • A document management system
  • Technical document editors to create solution designs, process flow etc.
  • An integration specification editor to specify field level specification
  • An mapping editor to specify the integration rules
  • A robust transactional system to connect, route and deliver messages across different systems
  • A support process and system in place for the end to end transactional flow

The list can go on. For every step you need resources with specific skill set. In spite of all this most of the time the small to mid size business who don’t have a robust IT infrastructure are left out of the equation and are still require to follow the old manual, email attachment based process.

Any change management requires the entire process to be followed again. The budget, the timeline and then effort all add up.

Then comes the next project and the whole thing starts again.

Justransform was founded in 2011 by Rohitashva Gaurava. The company was started with single point focus on developing products to simplify any data integration project. The team with collective experience of 50+ years got together and looked into the entire end to end process. We decided to build a product that addresses every aspect of data integration. Requirements for each module was gathered by intensive feedback from the self experience and also talking to every possible player like business users, customer, trading partners, program manager, mapper, interface designers and solution architects. The core team being very mature programmers themselves they put together a small but highly efficient team to build the project. It was a heads down approach to build the entire platform as a single integrated product. As a result we have a single platform to address requirements of every step of your process. Please visit our product page or solutions page to see how Justransform can help you in any of your requirements.

We offer one of the most complete feature rich data integration platform in the market. Using our array of modules, you can launch, execute and manage end-to-end aspect of any data integration program without requiring any external tools or technologies.

All you need is a modern web browser. Our entire solution is hosted in a highly secure network hosted on Oracle and AWS cloud. Security is our top priority and we have ensured that every communication is done over a secure encrypted layer.

Our platform follows a layered architecture where each layer is completely independent of other. They talk to each other via a secure REST api and share a common data structure. For example if you don’t need a B2B communication layer you can still use the platform as a very powerful CRM and project management solution. The same set of modules can be used to launch Supplier or Carrier Portal. At some point if your business requires an electronic data feed to/from any external entity you can simply utilize the B2B layer for the same.